HYLAN builing front view children playing children doing activity with their teacher children playing forming circle children doing their activity teacher assisting child activity child smiling child doing activity children playing children smiling children doing activity

Welcome to Hylan Daycare, Inc.

Enroll your child to an exciting world of discovery, friendship, and early learning. Hylan Daycare, Inc. welcomes both parents and kiddies to a safe and cheerful educational environment where curiosity meets fun. Hylan Daycare, Inc. offers an early childhood education program that nurtures and cultivates the children’s uniqueness and keeps them motivated to be learners for a lifetime.

At Hylan Daycare, Inc., parents find the peace of mind they need. We consistently live up and even exceed parents’ expectations with a reliable professional staff that works day by day to fulfill the children’s physical, mental, emotional, and social needs to grow as responsible, value-laden, and competent individuals.

Registration is ongoing! We cater to both full and part time care for children 2 to 5 years of age.