child doing her activityA wide assortment of colorful possibilities await your child everyday at Hylan Daycare, Inc. There are plenty of reasons to enjoy that is why our children always feel excited about going to a mini-school session. We provide a more cheerful definition of school while making inquisitive and motivated learners along the way. Through varied exercises and engagements, children learn skills they can use to become lifelong learners.

Our center features:

child cleaning garden

  • Sand and Water Table
  • Dramatic Play Area
  • Computer Area
  • Music Area
  • Block Area
  • Open-Ended Art Area /Easel Area
  • Writing Area
  • Listening Area
  • Math & Discovery Area
  • Art Center
  • Table Toys
  • Outdoor Area
  • Beautiful Garden

There are countless activities that are being held at the center. Our teachers and ECE specialists always see to it to keep the class lively, stimulate interest, and maintain focus on the tasks at hand. In category, they include:

child doing her activity
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Music
  • Movements and Dancing
  • Alphabets
  • Writing
  • Counting
  • Shapes
  • Colors
  • Outdoor Play
  • Group and Individual Play
  • Kiddie Science
  • Technology, etc

Your child will dote on the idea of learning new things as they go about their creative adventures everyday. Make things possible for your little one! Enroll them today.